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What makes Urban Bloom Creative different from traditional florists?

Urban Bloom Creative stands out by offering sustainable, high-quality floral gifts that go beyond the conventional fresh flower arrangements. Our products feature beautifully dried or preserved flowers that last up to 3 years or more, challenging the typical short lifespan of water-intensive fresh flowers in the floral industry.

Why buy from us?

We are a small independent business located in Northern Ireland. This means we remain part of the EU Single market allowing us to ship to Great Britain and the European Union without any customs.

How does Urban Bloom Creative contribute to environmental sustainability?

At Urban Bloom Creative, we are committed to sustainability. From using recycled and reusable packaging to supporting local stockists and suppliers, we take steps to minimize our environmental impact. Even our leftover stems are composted. By choosing our products, you're not just getting beautiful flowers; you're supporting a brand dedicated to eco-friendly practices.

Can I find wedding bouquets and other special occasion gifts at Urban Bloom Creative?

Absolutely! Whether you're looking for a hand-tied wedding bouquet or a unique gift for someone special, Urban Bloom Creative has a diverse range of products to suit your needs. Our creations are not only beautiful but also long-lasting, making your special moments even more memorable. Contact us to arrange an appointment!

How long do the dried or preserved flowers from Urban Bloom Creative last?

Unlike traditional fresh flowers that last only 2-3 weeks, our dried or preserved flowers can last up to 3 years or even longer with proper care. We believe in providing our customers with floral arrangements that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Does Urban Bloom Creative offer wholesale dried flowers for businesses?

Yes, we do! Whether you're looking to decorate your business premises or need wholesale dried flowers for any other purpose, Urban Bloom Creative has you covered. Our high-quality, affordable products make us a trusted choice for businesses and individuals alike who are looking to embrace sustainable floral design. Click here for our Wholesale.