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Terracotta Finley Fox Mini Planter

Terracotta Finley Fox Mini Planter

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This adorable planter is perfect for small plants, succulents, or herbs. It is made from durable terracotta and features a woodland-inspired color palette with an adorable sleepy fox expression.

The Finley Fox Mini Planter is the perfect size for easy placement on your desk, windowsill, or shelf. It is also a great gift for plant lovers and animal lovers alike.


  • Adorable sleepy fox expression
  • Woodland-inspired color palette
  • Durable terracotta construction
  • Compact size for easy placement
  • L7.5 x W7.5 x H 7cm


  • Add a touch of whimsy to your home décor
  • Create a thriving environment for your plants
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature indoors
  • Give the perfect gift to plant lovers and animal lovers

Order your Finley Fox Mini Planter today and bring a touch of whimsy and nature into your home! 

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