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Oasis® Green Single Brick Floral Tray (25 x 13 x 3cm)

Oasis® Green Single Brick Floral Tray (25 x 13 x 3cm)

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Florists and hobbyists, say goodbye to wobbly arrangements and hello to the sturdy and versatile Oasis® Green Single Brick Floral Tray!

This handy tray is the perfect platform for your wet or dry floral foam brick, keeping your masterpieces stable and secure. No more toppling centrepieces or shifting funeral tributes – focus your artistry on stunning creations, confident in their foundation. 

Here's how the Oasis® Green Single Brick Floral Tray elevates your floral game:

  • Wobble-free designs: The snug fit holds your floral foam brick in place, eliminating wobbly accidents and ensuring stability through every stage of your project.
  • Blends seamlessly: The green colour fades into your foliage, leaving the spotlight where it belongs – on your beautiful floral artistry.
  • Simple to use: Just pop your Dry Floral Foam Brick or Wet Floral Foam Brick (sold separately) in and get crafting! For extra security, add narrow or wide anchor tape (sold separately).
  • More than just stability: Soak your foam, transport your arrangements, or display your finished works – this tray is your multi-purpose floral companion.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Crafted from premium plastic, this tray is built to last, supporting countless floral journeys.

    Unleash your creativity with confidence. Order your Oasis® Green Single Brick Floral Tray today and experience the freedom of stable, stunning floral creations!

    P.S. Don't forget to check out our selection of narrow anchor tape and wide anchor tape for ultimate flower-securing power!

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