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Velvet Fabric Ribbon 100mm x 8m Fir Green

Velvet Fabric Ribbon 100mm x 8m Fir Green

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Unleash a touch of exquisite opulence with our 100mm (4") wide Fir Green velvet ribbon, expertly crafted in Germany using a premium colourfast polyester-acetate blend. This luxurious roll, boasting a generous 8 meters of velvety splendour, elevates every project from holiday décor to sophisticated wedding arrangements.

Shape your vision with ease: The ribbon's subtle wired edge offers exceptional pliability, allowing you to effortlessly form stunning bows, graceful swags, and captivating embellishments that retain their impeccable shape.

Impeccable versatility, endless possibilities: From adorning Christmas trees and wedding bouquets to crafting chic headbands and bespoke packaging, this versatile ribbon seamlessly complements your creative endeavours. Embrace the rich, single-sided velvet finish for captivating texture, while the plain reverse provides a discreet canvas for personalization.

Invest in lasting beauty: Our commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics. This colourfast ribbon maintains its vibrancy even after outdoor exposure, ensuring your creations endure with timeless elegance.

More than just a ribbon, it's an experience: Indulge in the sensory delight of our velvety touch and vibrant hue. Elevate your artistry with a ribbon that embodies unwavering quality, unmatched versatility, and timeless sophistication.

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